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Adventures in Glen Innes searching for Sapphires, Faceting and Alpacas! What is this blog about? Is it about faceting, fossicking, gem hunting and mingling with some of the best gemstone cutters in the country? Is it about the Sapphire region of New England, NSW or the unique Emeralds created in Torrington, NSW? Maybe it’s just […]

Gem cutting in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka produces some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. While I was in Sri Lanka, I had the chance to watch how these people prepare and facet the gemstones straight from the mine. Just amazing how gem cutting in Sri Lanka is done even to this day. […]

Sri Lanka Sapphire Mines – A Tour Let me take you for a tour of the Sapphire mines near Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. We landed in the capital city of Colombo where our guide and the highly respected gemologist, Gamini Zoysa, met us with a bus to go to the Sapphire region. Our first stop […]

Why are Rubies heated? Why are Rubies heated or heat treated as it is also known? Lets explore some of the reasons Some terms you will hear, old heat, new heat, lead glass filling, clarity enhanced……so many trade terms. First lets look at unheated Rubies. What do they have inside them that makes us want […]

Sapphire treatments are process that are applied to the gem after it has been mined out of the ground to improve the colour or clarity of the stone. Many of these treatments can alter the cost drastically. Unheated Sapphire is the most expensive type of Sapphire for sure. These gems come out of the ground […]

My First Gemstone Buying trip to Chanthaburi, Thailand Chanthaburi is a town about 260km South East of Bangkok. It is a well know location to buy gems of all shapes and sizes as this is a major cutting centre for South East Asia. First impressions might lead you to believe that Chanthaburi is just another […]