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Why are Rubies heated? Why are Rubies heated or heat treated as it is also known? Lets explore some of the reasons Some terms you will hear, old heat, new heat, lead glass filling, clarity enhanced……so many trade terms. First lets look at unheated Rubies. What do they have inside them that makes us want […]

The King Of Gemstones – Ruby Ruby is widely considered as the king of gemstones. Rubies are a beautiful gem. Worshipped for years for their beautiful Red colour. However, in this day and age, we have a few different types of Rubies on the market. They are: 1) Natural Ruby (Unheated) 2) Natural Ruby (Heated) 3) […]

My First Gemstone Buying trip to Chanthaburi, Thailand Chanthaburi is a town about 260km South East of Bangkok. It is a well know location to buy gems of all shapes and sizes as this is a major cutting centre for South East Asia. First impressions might lead you to believe that Chanthaburi is just another […]