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Morganite is a pink tinted gemstone in the beryl family. It has only been known as “Morganite” since 1911. Before that, it was known as a pink form of Beryl. It is commonly used in fashion jewelry and engagement rings. The gem is often heated to maintain its pinkish color, and this process is stable, […]

Morganite is the pink to peach variety of the mineral Beryl. The name may seem familiar because the Morganite stone is actually names after one of the most famous bankers in America, J.P. Morgan. The Beryl family is known for it’s other exquisite varieties including Emerald (Green) and Aquamarine (Blue). Morganite Stone Colours The most […]

I was lucky enough to secure a beautiful piece of Morganite rough from the Zambezia Province, (Alto Ligonha District) Mutala pegmatite area in Mozambique. A good friend of mine had just returned from a trip there and he managed to find this piece of rough for me. It started at 19.85 cts, one huge piece […]