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Seda Gems Is Now An Official Distributor Of “The Handbook Of Gemmology” Seda Gems is proud and excited to be the official distributor of the “Handbook of Gemmology” in the Asia Pacific Region. This is an amazing eBook and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about gems and gemmology. A little bit about […]

Engagement Rings – Coloured Gems Are A Girls New Best Friend In recent years, women have been wanting to create engagement rings that are more personal and unique. The use of coloured gemstones has allowed them to do just that, making each and every ring a “one of a kind”. Before De Beers started their […]

Garnet Varieties Garnet is a very beautiful and colourful gemstone but did you know there are so mant garnet Varities? It can be confusing to understand what is what. Some Garnets you might have heard of include Tsavorite, Demantoid, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Hessonite and Topazolite. These are all Garnets, but they each have their own unique […]

Pleochroism is visual property that only occurs in double refractive gemstones. The are some gemstones like Tourmaline, Tanzanite and Ioloite that have very obvious pleochroism. But what is it? A picture says a thousand words so lets have a look at an example of Tanzanite.   This is the same piece of Tanzanite looking through […]

My First Gemstone Buying trip to Chanthaburi, Thailand Chanthaburi is a town about 260km South East of Bangkok. It is a well know location to buy gems of all shapes and sizes as this is a major cutting centre for South East Asia. First impressions might lead you to believe that Chanthaburi is just another […]