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I was lucky enough to secure a beautiful piece of Morganite rough from the Zambezia Province, (Alto Ligonha District) Mutala pegmatite area in Mozambique. A good friend of mine had just returned from a trip there and he managed to find this piece of rough for me. It started at 19.85 cts, one huge piece […]

Topaz (Brazil) custom cut @ The Cutter’s Desk Topaz is a beautiful gemstone that is most commonly seen in jewellery as a light blue sky blue. Topaz is one of the gemstones that is almost always treated and the treatment is widely accepted. Topaz is generally colourless, light brown or light blue when it is […]

Ametrine is a gemstone that comes from only one location on earth, Bolivia, South America. It is a unique and beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine in the one gem. This piece of rough had been in my collection for a while and a customer finally commissioned me to create a beautiful precision cut gem […]