Different Colors of Garnet Gems For Any Occasion

Historically, garnet gems are among the most essential colored stones, atop being valued for their magnificent brilliance and top-notch hardness. Garnet refers to many different minerals that all belong to the same family.

In fact, no specific stone is known as a garnet because the term refers to a number of gemstones, available in different colors, making them perfect for any occasion.
Garnets vary in their chemical composition, but have similar crystal structures.

In accordance to their varying chemical compositions, garnets come in 6 different yet common species as determined by gemology, including almandine, pyrope, grossularite, spessartite, andradite and uvarovite.


The distinguished garnet gems classified according to their unique colors are as follows:

Almandine/Almandite Garnet

Red in color with a violet tint, this gem is composed of iron aluminum silicate.

almandine garnet

Andradite Garnet

Comprising of melanite, demantoid and topazolite, this gem is a calcium iron silicate.

Demantoid Garnet

Color-Change Garnet

A rare gem, this stone varies in color, ranging from orange or brown during the day to rose-pink when exposed to incandescent light. It is a blend of pyrope and spessartite garnet gems.


Demantoid Garnet

Thanks to its unique dispersion and luster, demantoid, a variance of the andradite garnet gems, is the most valuable of all garnet stones.


Grossularite/ Grossular Garnet

Comprising of leuco, hessonite, tsavorite, grossularite and hydrogrossular garnet gems, this group of stones are made up of calcium aluminum silicate.

hessonite garnet

Hessonite Garnet

Dubbed the ‘cinnamon stone’, this gem, a member of the grossular group, comes in a brownish-red hue.

hessonite ganret

Hydrogrossular Garnet

A member of the grossular gem group, this green stone is opaque and dense, a jade look-alike.


Leuco Garnet

Colorless in tone, this is a member of the grossular garnet group.

leuco garnet

Mali Garnet

A combination of the andradite and grossular garnet gemstone, the Mali garnet is a hybrid stone with magnificent dispersion and luster.

mali garnet

Melanite Garnet

An andradite stone variety, this garnet is opaque and black in color.


Pyrope Garnet

Red in a color with a brown undertone, this gem is a magnesium aluminum silicate.

pyrope garnet

Rhodolite Garnet

A combination of the almandite and pyrope stones, this gem is a hybrid available whose color tones range from purple to ruby-red.

rhodolite garnet

Spessartite/Spessartine Garnet

With color tones ranging from orange-red to mandarin-orange, this gem is typically a magnesium aluminum silicate.

spessartite garnet

Star Garnet

Known for their star effect (asterism), this rare kind or stone is only found in India, and Idaho in the US.

star garnet

Topazolite Garnet

This gem’s similarity to the yellow topaz is the reason behind its name. A member of the andradite gem group, this stone is available in color tones ranging from lemon-yellow to pure yellow.

topazolite garnet

Tsavorite Garnet

Ranked 2nd in terms of value and a member of the grossular garnet gem group, this stone has a chrome finish, resulting in color tones ranging from emerald green to bright green.


tsavorite garnet

Uvarovite Garnet

Available in an emerald-green color tone, this gem is a rare quality stone and a calcium chromium silicate.


With all these garnet colors to pick from, these stones are the perfect gems for any occasion.



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