Demantoid Garnet – The Sparkly Lesser Known Garnet

Demantoid Garnet is a gemstone that you may not quite be familiar with. The reason for that is because the Demantoid Garnet is actually a pretty new gemstone. Despite being so newly discovered, it has quickly become regarded as one of the most gorgeous and radiant gemstones on the planet. These were recently found in Namibia and Mozambique and are now becoming very popular among investors and stone collectors across the globe. Garnets are well-known gems for being incredibly stunning and the Demantoid Garnet is just as gorgeous as any other garnet that is available on the market. The famous versions of the Demantoid Garnets come from Russia, which are the types that have this breathtaking green color to them.

Demantoid Garnet – The Kings Of Garnets

An important thing to know about the Demantoid Garnet is that these are the most expensive variety of garnets on the market today. What can be very notable about the Demantoid Garnet is that these are among the few gemstones that are actually more valuable when there are inclusions. A Demantoid Garnet that has a “horse tail” inclusion is one that is highly searched for by collectors and they are willing to pay top dollar for these items. The “horse tail” inclusion will look like there are very fine fibrous that is radiating from a smaller crystal. If there is an excellent cutter that notices this, they will often put this inclusion at the bottom of the gem to create a stunning illusion where it looks like the tail is climbing up the inside of the crystal.

Demantoid garnet with horsetail inclusion


Where Do Demantoid Garnets Come From?

Though Russia has arguably the most stunning Demantoid Garnets, due to their vibrant green color and high dispersion and refractive index, there are new varieties of this gemstone that comes from Namibia that is definitely worth looking at. This variety of Demantoid Garnet will have more of a yellow color than the typical green color. The lack of green color does make the gemstone less valuable but these gems are still quite valuable anyways. What does make these gems unique is that they can change between yellow and green in its coloring based on the different lighting in the space. The best thing that this Namibian version of the gem did for the world of gemstones is to make the Demantoid Garnets more affordable to a larger base of people.

Emeralds have been a green gem that people have purchased for a long time, but now you can get a lighter green gem that will really add a stunning pop of color to your accessories. If you have the money, the Russian varieties are going to be the best options because you will get a more vibrant and deeper green though the Namibian varieties are great because they have a more yellow color that can change shades depending on the lighting. At the end of the day, the decision as to whether or not this is going to be a good gemstone for you will depend on your own personal taste and the budget that you have for purchasing it



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