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When we think of gravity, rarely do we attribute it to gemstones. However, the term specific gravity refers only to gemstones, and knowing more about such luxurious and potentially expensive products never hurts. Specific gravity is a means of measuring the density of a gemstone. This measurement is achieved by judging the density of the […]

An Opal is a mineraloid gel which is deposited at a relatively low temperature and may occur in the fissures of almost any kind of rock, being most commonly found with limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marble & basalt. All naturally occurring opals fall into one of two classes: precious and common. Precious opals are those that display […]

In the gemstone world there a few words that make you instantly think about fine quality Rubies and Sapphires. Those words are Pigeons blood Ruby and Royal blue sapphire. These terms are used to described some of the most beautiful, rare and desirable types of Ruby and Sapphire on the planet. However two Swiss gemstone […]

Fake Gemstone Report And A Little Yellow Sapphire Every now and then I come across something that shocks me. This is one of those cases. I had a Yellow Sapphire come across my desk recently and right from the onset I thought something wasn’t right. The customer had bought it off the internet and wanted […]

Montana Sapphire – Rare and Beautiful Montana Sapphire is a unique type of sapphire that can grow with a different color in the center. I have these Montana Sapphire slices that I picked up at the Tucson gem show that show the very unique grown. One of the pieces had some visible inclusions so I […]

Gemstone Hardness And Toughness. What Is The Difference? When selecting gemstones for jewellery it is very important to understand the difference between gemstone hardness and gemstone toughness. Both of these factors contribute to a stones durability, but the effects of each property can have huge consequences on gemstones. Watch this video or keep reading below: Firstly, […]

Paraiba Tourmaline – Origin Reports Last month I sold one of my most beautiful gemstones, a natural Paraiba Tourmaline from the original mine source of this gem, Paraiba Brazil. The Pariba did not have a gemstone report to accompany it so I had arranged with my client to send it to one of the big […]

Pleochroism is visual property that only occurs in double refractive gemstones. The are some gemstones like Tourmaline, Tanzanite and Ioloite that have very obvious pleochroism. But what is it? A picture says a thousand words so lets have a look at an example of Tanzanite.   This is the same piece of Tanzanite looking through […]

Why are Rubies heated? Why are Rubies heated or heat treated as it is also known? Lets explore some of the reasons Some terms you will hear, old heat, new heat, lead glass filling, clarity enhanced……so many trade terms. First lets look at unheated Rubies. What do they have inside them that makes us want […]

Sapphire treatments are process that are applied to the gem after it has been mined out of the ground to improve the colour or clarity of the stone. Many of these treatments can alter the cost drastically. Unheated Sapphire is the most expensive type of Sapphire for sure. These gems come out of the ground […]