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London blue Topaz is one of a few different types of blue gemstone that has a good level of hardness. These gemstones are low in cost which makes them extremely popular. Other blue gemstones which may be cheaper types are usually a saturated blue color and include lapis, kyanite and fluorite. These stones however are […]

Rubies are one of the few gemstones that fall in the precious gemstone category (along with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds). Since ancient times, these beautiful gemstones have been valued for their rarity and beauty. Today, they are one of the most highly sought after gemstones and fine specimens command enormous prices. Rubies are perfect as […]

Say the words ‘engagement ring’ and ‘stone’ together and you probably don’t think about colored gemstones. Chances are you said ‘diamond’. It’s only natural because since the 1930s, the media has been drumming it into our heads that diamonds are forever, they’re a girl’s best friend and that if you truly love her, you have to […]

Emeralds have been a highly coveted gemstone for centuries. In fact, they are one of the traditional five cardinal gemstones, along with diamonds, rubies, sapphire and amethyst. Known for their stunning green color, emeralds are easily recognizable and come with the weight of prestige and class. But buying an emerald can be tricky, and there […]

Blue gemstones are found in Jewelry dating right back to ancient times. The color blue is synonymous with the feeling of calmness, depth and stability. People are drawn to this color and some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world are blue. For those of you with a strong spiritual connection gemstones are the […]

Zircon is known as being a very old mineral but did you know it is actually the worlds oldest gemstone? This is actually how this gemstone got its name. It is one of the earliest words in the Persian language and would later become a significant part of the Germanic languages before becoming an English term. […]

The sapphire has been a coveted and celebrated stone since ancient times, linked to prestige, wealth and royalty. A Sapphire engagement ring is among the most popular options for engagement rings and history is full of examples of iconic sapphire jewelry. But what makes sapphires stand out as a gemstone for engagement rings? Sapphire Engagement […]

Diamonds have long been a beautiful addition to all kinds of jewelry.  One of the things that makes them so desirable is the price tag that they carry.  People from around the world have looked to profit from these wonderful gems.  Conflict diamonds are one way that bad people have looked to profit from diamonds. […]

Tumbled gemstones come in a variety of different colors, from glowing yellow through to red and even colorless. They are tiny bits of minerals that generally measure from one to five centimetres. They have been processed to form curved pebbles that have a nice polish on them. Tumbled Gemstones are generally used for crafting jewelry, creating […]

Demantoid Garnet is a gemstone that you may not quite be familiar with. The reason for that is because the Demantoid Garnet is actually a pretty new gemstone. Despite being so newly discovered, it has quickly become regarded as one of the most gorgeous and radiant gemstones on the planet. These were recently found in Namibia […]

Emeralds are gorgeous gems that people love in their jewelry but the Gota de Aceite emeralds are arguably the rarest and most sought after variety of these gems. For those who are interested in collecting gems, this gem is about as rare as the Golconda Diamonds or the Kashmir Sapphire. If you do happen across […]

Luster is a term associated with many different things, but we usually think of the connotation as a means of defining beauty of some sort. However, when it comes to gemstones specifically, luster actually has a specific meaning, and you can use it to better determine which gemstone may be right for you or someone […]

Mystic Topaz is a gemstone that is treated or enhanced and is actually not found naturally. When creating the mystic topaz, a natural and colourless stone is coated with titanium or a similar metal. The coating is only microns thick and the application is done to the stone’s pavilion which forms the bulk of the gem. Strict […]

The Olympic Australis is reported to be the biggest and most expensive Opal ever found. Worth an estimated $2.5 Million it tops the list of the most expensive Opals ever found. There are a number of famous Opals that have made appearances throughout history and what has made them celebrated include; • Most valuable • […]

Not every bride is the same, so why should their engagement rings be? In fact you may even find that your hopeful bride-to-be does not even like diamonds. Diamonds are not mandatory in engagement rings as the featured gem. There are so many stunning gemstones out there that limiting yourself to just the diamond could […]

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (also known as Wat Phra Gaeo) is a purpose-built temple that was made to house the Emerald Buddha. An image that was carved from a solid piece of green jadeite. Chaophraya Chakri, the man who eventually became King Rama I, moved the image from Vientiane, after capturing the city […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Bixbite (also know as red beryl) is a member of beryl family that you may not have ever heard of. There are many members of the beryl family including, morganite, golden beryl, aquamarine, and emerald. While emerald is by far the most famous member of the group, it is certainly […]

When you think about red gemstones that first gemstone that comes to mind is the Ruby. Red gemstones are highly sought after and include fire opal, garnet, and spinel. There is also red tourmaline commonly known as rubellite and even red Topaz. Many of the red gemstones are just slightly red, while others appear pure red. Rhodolite […]

Sphalerite is a beautiful gemstone, mainly great for collectors. It has only been on the market as a collectors gem for a few years but it is quickly gaining popularity because of the incredible fire that it shows. With some searching you can find the Sphalerite that is perfect for you. When you do find […]

When buying an opal, there are a number of factors that must be considered in order to determine its value. These factors include the type, body tone, brightness, pattern, size and carat weight, clarity, and whether it is natural or hand-made. Having this know-how up your sleeve could mean that you get the best value […]

There is a Diamond alternative in the market today called Moissanite. It is a man made gemstone that has great brilliance and is becoming very popular. There is a large increase in environmentally aware consumers picking gemstones that are lab created because of the reduced environmental impact. Lets take a look at the difference between these […]

Dispersion is an optical property of some gemstones that produces a rainbow sparkle effect. It is this property of gemstones that gives the brilliance to Diamonds. While almost every gemstone can show dispersion, most of the time it is not visible to our eyes. Diamonds are one gemstone that has benefited greatly from the visual […]

Top 10 Yellow Gemstones used In Jewelry The use of yellow gemstones in jewelry has always been a popular choice. The color yellow is commonly used to signify wisdom, hope and happiness in the west and it depicts thoughts of wealth and empire in the east. Thoughts of the sun and gold are universally associated […]

Australia is home to one of the best geographical locations for sapphires in the world and it is renowned for producing beautiful Australian Sapphires. As a mining zone for over one hundred years, Australia contains one of the original blue sapphire resources. This precious gem has a quality greater than that of a diamond, and […]

Australian gemstones are known for their exquisite patterns and colours. They are used in decorative items, jewellery, as significant elements of mineral collections and other applications. Interest in collecting gemstones was renewed in the U.S. and quickly spread to other countries. In Australia, this hobby has been eagerly received. Australia is not only popular for […]

Historically, garnet gems are among the most essential colored stones, atop being valued for their magnificent brilliance and top-notch hardness. Garnet refers to many different minerals that all belong to the same family. In fact, no specific stone is known as a garnet because the term refers to a number of gemstones, available in different […]

Morganite is a pink tinted gemstone in the beryl family. It has only been known as “Morganite” since 1911. Before that, it was known as a pink form of Beryl. It is commonly used in fashion jewelry and engagement rings. The gem is often heated to maintain its pinkish color, and this process is stable, […]

Tourmaline is one of the versatile precious gemstones, it is available in almost every colour, from what can be described as colourless to the most colourful type. The most well known colours of tourmaline are red, green,pink ,blue and the multicolored types. If you are looking for common colours or even those rare types , […]

  The mineral, called Perettiite, was described by Dr. Peretti as “a fantastically beautiful needle-like orange mineral with a new crystal structure discovered in the Mogok market in Myanmar of Burma” Naming the mineral after Dr. Peretti is a lifetime achievement for every scientist, according to GRS. All gemstones are rare, since they constitute a […]

Pink Tourmaline Tourmaline is one of the most colourful and beautiful gemstones. While it comes in just about every colour of the rainbow, the pink Tourmaline is by far one of the most popular varieties. In this article we will explore where this gemstone comes from, why sometimes it is called a Rubellite Tourmaline and […]

Blue Moon Diamond Set to Break all the Records at Auction Update – Blue Moon Diamond Sells For $48.5 Million The Blue Moon Diamond is set to break all the records at an auction later in the year on 11th November by selling for $55 million. According to the Sotheby’s house of international auction, the […]

The Incredible Hope Spinel Sells In London The Hope Spinel, a rare gem, was sold for a record price in London for the first time after 98 years; it is from one of the greatest collections of gems in the world. It was one of the Bonhams London Fine Jewellery top lots that were available for […]

For centuries Tourmaline has been a gemstone that has been collected and admired for it’s almost infinite array of colours. Most people will know of Tourmaline as being a green or red gemstone with the most common source being from Brazil. Recent deposits have been found in Madagascar and Africa that have redefined the definition of possible colours that […]

The Beautiful Aquamarine Stone The Aquamarine stone is identified as a blue to green-blue kind of precious beryl. The beryl group of minerals is known to be the greatest among its kind because it is one of the most versatile and colourful gemstones available. It can be green, blue, pink and even yellow. As it turns […]

Tanzanite is considered one of the rarest and most stunningly beautiful gemstones in the entire world. Found only in one place, outside Arusha, Tanzania, this stone is also the only newly discovered gemstone of the twentieth century. The stone varies in color, from a dark intense blue to a bright blue and violet. Due to […]

Morganite is the pink to peach variety of the mineral Beryl. The name may seem familiar because the Morganite stone is actually names after one of the most famous bankers in America, J.P. Morgan. The Beryl family is known for it’s other exquisite varieties including Emerald (Green) and Aquamarine (Blue). Morganite Stone Colours The most […]

Amethyst is one of the most common and popular gemstones available. It is the purple to pink variety of Quartz and is considered one of  he most affordable semi precious gemstones. It has been used to adore jewelery for hundreds of years with the Greeks even believing that it can stop people becoming intoxicated by […]

Tanzanite Foundation Closes Down, But What Does It Mean For Consumers? By now most of you might have heard that the Tanzanite Foundation has closed down due to varies reasons including falling prices, illegal mining and other economical factors. While this is sad news for the industry, it is highly unlikely that this announcement is […]

Adventures in Glen Innes searching for Sapphires, Faceting and Alpacas! What is this blog about? Is it about faceting, fossicking, gem hunting and mingling with some of the best gemstone cutters in the country? Is it about the Sapphire region of New England, NSW or the unique Emeralds created in Torrington, NSW? Maybe it’s just […]

Australian Opal – Is It A Solid Opal or a Doublet A few weeks ago I was out at the opal fields in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales when I cam across a rather interesting solid Opal. I was looking through thousands of piece of beautiful Australian black opal looking for something interesting, something unique. […]

The Internet has changed the world of shopping, and the jewelry world is no different. There are plenty of sites available to find loose gemstones, but the trick is knowing which sites to trust and how to buy those gemstones online.           Unlike simple products like books, toys and fashion, gems […]

Bangkok Gem Fair This time of the year is when the jewellery trade really starts to get going again. I have just returned from the Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair, and although there was a mixed response from traders in Bangkok, there are still some gems they are trading strong. Since my last trip, the […]

I’ll take a Rare Gemstone over a Diamond any day… Out of the thousands of different minerals created by nature, only 130 or so are suitable for use as gemstones and even fewer would be considered a rare gemstone. Most people will only recognize a handful of the most popular gems which make up this […]

Gem cutting in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka produces some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. While I was in Sri Lanka, I had the chance to watch how these people prepare and facet the gemstones straight from the mine. Just amazing how gem cutting in Sri Lanka is done even to this day. […]

Seda Gems Is Now An Official Distributor Of “The Handbook Of Gemmology” Seda Gems is proud and excited to be the official distributor of the “Handbook of Gemmology” in the Asia Pacific Region. This is an amazing eBook and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about gems and gemmology. A little bit about […]

Engagement Rings – Coloured Gems Are A Girls New Best Friend In recent years, women have been wanting to create engagement rings that are more personal and unique. The use of coloured gemstones has allowed them to do just that, making each and every ring a “one of a kind”. Before De Beers started their […]

Why Buying Loose Gemstones Is A Good Idea There are a lot of advantages associated with buying loose gemstones on the internet. This may be because you are looking for a unique and beautiful gemstone to make into a piece of jewelry. Perhaps you are just building a gemstone collection and would want to get […]

Garnet Varieties Garnet is a very beautiful and colourful gemstone but did you know there are so mant garnet Varities? It can be confusing to understand what is what. Some Garnets you might have heard of include Tsavorite, Demantoid, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Hessonite and Topazolite. These are all Garnets, but they each have their own unique […]

Sri Lanka Sapphire Mines – A Tour Let me take you for a tour of the Sapphire mines near Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. We landed in the capital city of Colombo where our guide and the highly respected gemologist, Gamini Zoysa, met us with a bus to go to the Sapphire region. Our first stop […]

Gemstone Investment – Investing in a rock hard asset Smart investors are turning profits whilst gold and currency prices crash. Coloured gemstone investment has proved to quietly appreciated in value, substantially increasing the value of investors’ portfolios. Since the beginning of time, people have always cherished beautiful, sparkly objects. Along with gold and Diamonds, coloured […]

The Changsha Gem and Mineral Show was held in Changsha, China from the 16th – 20th May 2013. It is the first time the event has been run and its aim was to introduce the Chinese people to various gemstones and mineral from all over the world. At the same time, the ICA (International Coloured […]

Hunting for Opals in Outback Australia I want to share with you a tour of the Aussie outback looking to buy some of those beautiful little gems, OPALS! We went to Yowah, Koroit and finished in Lightning Ridge. I thought I would share with you what I saw when I went out there. First stop, […]

The King Of Gemstones – Ruby Ruby is widely considered as the king of gemstones. Rubies are a beautiful gem. Worshipped for years for their beautiful Red colour. However, in this day and age, we have a few different types of Rubies on the market. They are: 1) Natural Ruby (Unheated) 2) Natural Ruby (Heated) 3) […]

My First Gemstone Buying trip to Chanthaburi, Thailand Chanthaburi is a town about 260km South East of Bangkok. It is a well know location to buy gems of all shapes and sizes as this is a major cutting centre for South East Asia. First impressions might lead you to believe that Chanthaburi is just another […]