Ross Sedawie
Owner - Gemologist

Seda Gems is a gemstone trading company based in Australia created by Ross Sedawie. Ross comes from a family of Opal miners, cutters and dealers with over 30 years experience in the industry.

Seda Gems was created to bring beautiful gemstones to the online world at a competitive price and to help educate people on all of the amazing gemstones out there. In a previous life, Ross was an electrical engineering but turned to his true passion, being a gemologist in recent years. He personally ensures that every stone is tested and verified. Seda Gems is able to offer unique and precious gemstones from every corner of the globe at very competitive prices.

Ross is also a skilled gemstone cutter and a member of the Australian Facetors Guild. Many of the gemstones you will see on this website have been hand picked and cut by Ross himself with the most critical eye.

Our philosophy is simple. We want our customers to feel connected to the origin of their gemstones. To achieve this, we work under the principle of Mine To Market. We are your direct link to the gemstone fields of Sri Lanka, Africa and Australia. We constantly write about our adventures to these remote places in our blog, so be sure to check back often.


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